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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Edmonton Expo - Day 2!

Day 2 of the Edmonton Fan Expo is done & WOW was it busy. Tons of people, AMAZING Cosplay, and some more book sales. Better than yesterday, so that's good.
Would you buy from this guy?
I ended up on the Expo Flikr page
Yvonne & I at the booth.
Missy was a Batman villain.
The scout from UP.
Army camouflage swamp thing
TWO Jack Frosts
Mrs. Incredible 
A "close" bro & sis from Game of Thrones 
Waldo & Steampunk 
Bebop & Rocksteady!
Scooby Doo & gang!
Someone awesome in purple 
A freaking brave, confident & gorgeous cosplayer with Malissa/Missy. Her boyfriend did the molding & work on her.
She wore the same hat as me!
Awesome cosplayer.

Cute... Or maybe creepy bear...

The reptile society was there too! Some neat snakes & whatnot.

One more day. Won't be as busy, but hopefully more sales.

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