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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Last day of Edmonton Fan Expo!

Day 3 of the Edmonton Fan Expo was great! I sold 7 books, reconnected with some great friends, and saw some neat Cosplay!

First up was meeting Marty Chan, an Edmonton playwright who wrote "Mom, Dad, I'm living with a white girl" which is an amazing play I saw twice in the late 90s for university. He had a table next to mine & was selling his steampunk book for teens along with some kid books. I was a little star struck & it was an honor to meet him!
I bought the Bigfoot story for Anisha & he gave me the cat story for Samantha, signing both! So very awesome!

In other Expo fun:

Malissa was decked out as Flaffy from Pokemon.

A neat Batman cosplay family

A cool Walking Dead family cosplay 

Creepy Joker cosplay 


Some creepy but cool lady...

This kid's Boba Fett was cool.

V for Vendetta cosplay

Saw my friends Carlo & Melissa!

As I was leaving, I ran into Billy the puppet from Saw!

And R2 was being put away!

It was lots of fun!

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