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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Edmonton away!

I THINK spring has arrived. Nice weather, no snow, and my all seasons are on the car. 

My parents took the girls for Easter break. My parents gave me their gift from the cruise:
It was very yummy. Never thought I'd be a fan of flavored hard alcohol.

Anisha turned 7 & has her bday party at the local bowling alley.
Mmmmm cake
9 girls, 1 boy
Bumper car rides

While the kids were away in AB with my folks, Ali & I car shopped for a minivan. We ended up going with a 2014 Honda Odyssey EX. It should arrive by May 20.
It may or may not look like this...

For the long weekend, we came to Alberta for Ali's brother's wedding. It was a busy weekend.
The huge wine store near my parent's place.
They had a tasters bar. Dad & I tried the $3 1/2 oz tequila. Dad wants to try this one on his next bday.
The education centre at the liquor store.
The Webster kids & their kids gather at BPs the night before the wedding

Samantha (right) waits patiently as the tea ceremony takes place AM of the wedding at the bride's parent's house. It was more for fun, with a dash of tradition.
Samantha congratulates the couple.
Anisha follows suit
Conga line after the wedding
Samantha dancing with Poppy (my dad) after supper
The best man (Ali's oldest brother) dances with his daughter (left), the groom's daughter (in arms), while the groom's son watched from the background.
We sat at the kids table. 
Since it was my 10th wedding anniversary with Ali on the 15th, I booked us the Luxury Polynesian Theme room at the Fantasyland Hotel. 

The Jacuzzi tub filled from above! It was very nice!
The girls joined us later the next day. We stopped at Build a bear & they made My Little Pony stuffed animals before enjoying Galaxyland.

More to come!

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