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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hot Times in the Summer

Happy Summer everyone. Its been a busy last couple of months, so I didn't get to update as much as I wanted to.

1. We received the Photobooth pics from Matthew and Melinda's wedding. Such silly pics

2. We had more pics from West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland. The girls had fun on the rides and Anisha was even big enough to take on some of the scarier rides.
Samantha and Ali on the mini-drop-o-doom
They liked sitting in the back seat for the kid roller coaster
Anisha could go on the bigger roller coaster.
No not the Mind Bender, but the mid range one
3. A couple of days after we got back, we got the call that our new Minivan was in. Presenting: the 2014 Honda Odyssey. After out recent trip to Alberta (see below), we've gotten 3100km on her since May 18. 

All rows of seating are comfy, even the 3rd row which can hide away.
However, if you are tall like me, your head hits the roof in the far back row.
4. At the end of May, it was Anisha's turn to bring home the ducks her Grade 1 class was taking care of. We had them all weekend and it was a great learning experience. They were noisy, and smelly, but a nice experience.

Daxx did ok with them. Never ate them, but chased them a couple of times.
5. The mini-exhibition came to the SouthHill Mall parking lot so we took that in the day before Father's Day. Fun was had, and Anisha even challenged the BIG Drop of Doom

Click here to see her attempt at the Big Drop of Doom, ending with some tears.

What cured her fear? Ali took her shopping. Apparently she fits the stereotype for many women.

6. Anisha has gotten VERY good at biking. She did some GREAT riding out at the lake in Alberta over the Canada Day vacation we took. Here is a pic and a video of her biking around PA. She need help getting started here as her bike is a wee bit too big, but she had no issues in Alberta on the kids bike at Grandma and Granddad's.

Click here for her video of her biking.

7.  Best Father's Day Coffee mug!
8. A candid shot of our little kitties at the Prince Albert Street Fair. A nice warm day and lots of fun.

9. We went to Alberta for Canada Day long weekend and rest of the week to visit Grandma and Granddad. The weather started off crappy, but then got nice and hot, but the threat of a storm near the end of the week sent us back to PA early. I got up early every morning and did some great writing (approx 10,000 words in 5 days). Anisha improved her biking skills, Samantha slightly improved her jeep driving skills, boating was done, Canada Day activities were taken in, and we ended the week with a swim at the Camrose Pool.
A cool morning on a rainy day. Doesn't stop the girls from doing nail polish fun
They loved using Granddad's Jeep.
Off on a jeep ride

At the Camrose Canada Day celebration, they had a kids' theatre show.
Samantha got to play a shrimp in the show. #typecasting

Out on Granddad's boat

Anisha liked to reach over and touch the water... tsk.

On out last day at the lake, we went into the Village at Pigeon Lake
 and took a pic as part of their social media competition.

The morning we left to come back, Samantha got some last minute cuddles in.

10. On Canada Day, my work as an author was Spotlighted on a Facebook Book review page. (See left side at 1pm, Toronto time) Yeah they spelled my name wrong, but whatever, I got a few more likes on my Galactic Odyssey Facebook page, and maybe some more new fans.

Coming up the next few weeks: 
  • Anisha does her FIRST overnight camp for 4 nights at Camp Okema. She is excited to go, as are we. Hopefully no homesickness.
  • We puppysit our youth pastor's dog and our family friend's rottweiler.
  • Anisha takes on a Gymnastics Camp
  • Both girls take on a Sylvan Reading Camp
  • I finish my 3rd book (hopefully!)
  • Ali starts her new job as a Kaisan Specialist with the PAPHR. Should be an exciting new adventure for her.
Have a great summer everyone!

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