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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weighing in on Lost

So, the Lost season finale was this week and it was great to finally see who was in the coffin (from Season 3 season finale). For those who didn't catch it, it was John Locke. It opens up more questions, but thats ok. I like trying to guess what is gonna happen next. The stupid writers strike but a wierd hitch on these last few episodes of Lost, and other tv shows I think, that did some catch up episodes to end the season. They rushed plot lines and they didn't add up to the calibre of the earlier part of the season. Oh well, I hope they can make it up next season, and deal with the query: Where the hell is the island now? Where did it move to?

Busy week for Alison and I. Ali has had a lot of events with her Sparks group and I have been busy subbing. Due to our busy schedules, we haven't worked out a lot. But I managed to shave off just one more pound to reach my next goal. I was 345 lbs on Thursday. I only have 4 more pounds to go until I am allowed to see "The Dark Knight" in July. My parents are back from their trip tonight, so they are taking care of Anisha while Ali and I have a night away to go to dinner (as our ├╝ber-belated anniversary dinner), a movie (a reward for me losing 5 pounds), and stay in a local hotel (more extended away time from Anisha, as a thank you for taking care of their dogs).

Anisha is doing well. She is taking more steps, but not fully walking yet. Sometimes she won't walk at all, and sometimes she will leave the living room and walk to the kitchen to play in the dog's water bowl. She's almost ready for that next step. She also eats like a horse! For example, today for breakfast, I had two pieces of sourdough bread toasted with some margarine, Ali had a banana and 1/4 of a cup of left over Kraft Dinner, and Anisha had a full banana, just over half a cup of Kraft Dinner and 4 oz of Homo milk. She was munching on a cookie when I left her and Alison at the local park for the Guiding Jambouree! I cannot believe how much Anisha eats! More than me sometimes!

Have a good week all!

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