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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weighing in on breaking the law

So, Daxx has a tendency to run away when we let her outside. She does come back, but if we leave her out there too long, she runs away to explore the neighbourhood. With the warm weather, we took down the ski-fence barrier and connected Daxx to her tie-on, which we paid good money for, and she used to be ok with that. Last night, however, she escaped, even though she was clipped in. It was as if she unhooked herself and went for a stroll. We didn't notice she was gone until the phone rang and it was the local pound calling to say that they picked up Daxx wandering a few blocks away. She had only been outside for 10 minutes. The pound picked her up and brought her back. Thank god we have our contact number and license on her collar. He gave us a stern warning seeing as how he deemed us responsible dog owners whose little one just happened to escape. If he wanted to, he could have fined us $80 for a dog on the loose; 2nd offense is $110 and the 3rd is $350. Needless to say, Alison and I were not too pleased with Daxx last night. So now, Daxx has to wear her collar and harness at all times and when going outside to do her business, we clip her onto her rope which is shorter and she clearly doesn't like it. Too bad on her, bad dog... but we still love her.

On the plus side, I have lost some more weight and have surpassed my 2nd goal and I now weigh 349 lbs. I will now start from 350 and work with even/easy numbers because we math people are lazy; 5 pounds a movie still. So I am 1 lb closer to my next movie, and only 8 pounds away from reaching my goal to see "The Dark Knight"; YAY!!. To celebrate my reaching 350 lbs, and beyond, I will see another movie. I think Alison and I will rent one this weekend seeing as how there isn't really any movies in the theaters that Alison wants to see... I however would like to see "21", or "88 minutes", or "Forbidden Kingdom". Then again, my show opens next week, and I have busy, busy rehearsals, so going out to a movie is gonna be hard, so we'll rent I think.

Anisha had a great 1st day at her Dayhome yesterday. I dropped her off around 8:30am and picked her up at 4:15ish. The lady in charge said that Anisha is very easy to care for and had a lot of fun. Her own 15 month old son kept trying to kiss Anisha all day, and when he tries to kiss her, he almost tackles her. The other girls she cares for at her place kept calling Anisha and the ladies son "Romeo and Juliet". Here's to their relationship ending better than the play. lol.
I had a good, if yet nervous, day away from Anisha. I got my hair cut/styled for my play (very short and thinning), worked out and had a long interview at the local Sylvan.

So it's all pretty good here. Have a great week everyone.

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