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Monday, April 21, 2008

Weighing in on various other things in life.

1. So the movie I chose to watch for losing weight last week was "Juno." A great little flick that was wonderfully written and a great watch for Alison and I. Very funny and witty. A great date movie. It's nice to see new movies again.

2. With the busy week it has been, I haven't been working out as much. In the play I have to eat some bacon and eggs, so that may mess up my cholesterol level, seeing as how I am eating the equivalent of one egg and 3-4 strips of bacon each night for my show. But, they are eggbeaters and turkey bacon, so its not that bad. I weighed myself today and I stayed the same at 349 lbs.

3. My car should be fixed by Friday this week, all things being equal. We had a PT Cruiser loaned to us in the mean time.

4. Tuesday night was our media show for our play. They taped a segment for CTV news. When it airs, I will get a copy of it on here and on Facebook for all to see. Also, the local paper was there and interviewed me, so when that comes out in the paper, I will post that too. AS WELL, the lady who interviewed me for the show mentioned that I was from Alberta to another reporter, who then called me for ANOTHER interview. I will be featured in Monday's Prince Albert Herald in their weekly feature where they profile a local citizen who is from somewhere else in Canada, or the world, and chose to make Prince Albert their home. So, I am a busy media person as of late.

5. Anisha is doing well in her dayhome and I am eagerly anticipating my certificate from Saskatchewan Learning, who are now swamped with new grads applying as well. I called to talk to the certification director directly and, well, as the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They processed my certificate yesterday and mailed it out to me. YAY!!

That's about it for me here. I will be posting reviews of my play and other fun stuff this weekend, when I find the time. My show opens tomorrow! I will leave you with two videos of Anisha; one of her playing a surprise game with Ali and I, the other of her standing on her own and walking a bit.

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