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Monday, April 14, 2008

Unscheduled Weighing in on good weather

Well, I did a mid-week weigh on Sunday and discovered that I had reached my 5 pound loss goal so Alison and I watched Harry Potter 5 that I got her for her B-day in February. It was nice to see a movie again. Now, I have only one more pound to go until I hit the 350 lbs mark and then I will celebrate with a movie in a theatre. Then it's back to 5 pounds a movie. Go me Go! Now I am at 351 lbs!

Lately, Prince Albert has had some great weather, so we took Anisha out in it. We tried to find some toddler swings in local parks and drove almost half an hour around PA looking for one. Finally we found one in a school playground on the other end of town, and it was a little broken anyways, but we pushed her in the swing none the less. Here is the video:

We also took her out for a walk where she used her walker to get around. Here is some video of that too:

And finally, some random pics of both events, AND her sleeper after a strawberry attack!

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