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Monday, April 7, 2008

Weighing in on the week...

This has been quite the busy week:

1. Well first of all, I am a day late with the weigh in for a couple of reasons you will see below. But I weighed myself today and I am now down to 352 lbs.

2. One of the reason's I am a day late is that Anisha and I went to Saskatoon yesterday because I had a specialist appointment for my Carpal Tunnel syndrome issues from last summer. I got assessed and I have mild to moderate carpal tunnel in my left hand and mild in my right. Since I have no pain with the numbness I get, I don't need surgery right now. Maybe down the road, but for now I just wear splints to bed to keep my wrists straight.

3. We are now getting into the full-length rehearsals for our play. It looks real good, but I am still a little rough in some parts with my lines. Lots of people from Alison's work are going to see my play which is awesome. I have got the tickets for my parents and in-laws who will be up near the end of the run for Anisha's 1 year birthday.

4. Speaking of Anisha, we have finally found a dayhome for her for the time being. Since I have been accepted to start subbing for both the local public and catholic school board, I need a dayhome for Anisha. We found a great lady on the East end of the city in a nice neighbourhood, near a park and playground. I think it's gonna be great. Although, I will be sad the first day since I have been spending so many months with Anisha, but, such is life.

5. Here is another pet peeve of mine: when people "steal your stop" at a stop sign. You stop at an intersection at the stop sign sign, then the person behind you follows you through the intersection without stopping as well. It's as if your stop at the sign was good enough for them too. I notice it more when you are turning in the intersection rather than going straight through.

Here are some recent pictures of Anisha. She tried eating a strawberry the other day with Alison and it was quite cute. Plus here are a couple of pics of her with me in Saskatoon at the hospital and in the neat glass elevator.

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