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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weighing in on Pet Peeves and shootings...

Well it has been a whole week with not much happening until recently.

So today, I went back the correct way for my weight and I am back to 355 lbs. Only 4 more pounds to go until my next movie!

So, a few of you may have heard about a shooting here in Prince Albert in the West Flat area on Tuesday; it was on CTV Newsnet. It was the first Police related shooting death in, I think, 15 years here in Prince Albert. Well, it happened at the end of our block just as I was out picking up Alison at 5pm-ish. We saw all the police and ambulance vehicles as we arrived home. I didn't know what the deal was until the next morning at the gym, when I was watching CTV Newsnet and made the connection. So, no, I don't know anything about it, just that it happened on our block, which is 99% quiet the vast majority of the time. I find out more information as quickly as many of you do.

So, I was doodling the other day and I started writing down some pet peeves of mine:
1. When you ask a person a choice of A or B (such as "do you want to eat pizza or steak?"), and they respond "Yes"; therefore, not one of the choices. That really frustrates me.
2. Adults who naturally talk like 5 year olds with a lisp and a somewhat cutesy accent. Mostly women do this. Now, I know it is very likely a speech impediment, or what not, but it drives me batty!
3. People who shake your hand with a weak grip or a floppy hand. Mostly women do this, and this has to be the biggest pet peeve that I have. If you see the recent Buyers Direct commercial, it shows a saleswoman doing this to a couple who enter her department.

I know I have more, so I will add them later for everyone's enjoyment. Alison and I are taking the Alpha Marriage course at our church and so far, after only one session, it seems kinda neat.

My rehearsals are going well. I have almost all of Act 1 memorized and learned. Alison is doing good as well. She works this Saturday of the Easter Long Weekend, but she also has Monday off.
Anisha is doing very well too. She is pulling herself up to standing alot and slowing beginning to cruise around the furniture as her confidence grows. Have a good Easter everyone!

Anisha found one of Alison's headbands, so we put it on her one morning.
I think she looks alot like Gloria Swanson from Sunset Boulevard.
And finally, our little Irish Princess on St. Patrick's Day!

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Matthew, Lindsey & Connor said...

I agree with your Pet Peeves. I used to have a list too, but it was mostly work related crap.
The handshake thing is sooo annoying. I expect it from women most of the time, but it's the wimpy men that drive me insane. When I shake a man's hand and it's my hand shaking your arm, you need to buff up, Mister.
Warm toilet seats are another pet peeve.