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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Cheese and Soup Day!

Well, I mean Easter. It's also the end of Lent, and therefore, Alison and I can have the things we gave up: Soup and Cheese, respectively. And what better way than with a Cheesy Mushroom Soup recipe that we LOVE from the Cooking for the Rushed cookbook we got from Matthew and Lindsey at Xmas!

Some people have asked me if I am going to do an easter egg hunt on Sunday morning, but I was thinking: WHY!??? Anisha is not even a year old and she doesn't understand what Easter is. She can't have chocolate. Hell, she gets excited playing with the inserts in our local newspaper because it sounds neat. So, no, there will be no Easter hunt.

But we did get her a neat little Easter gift. It's a ball popper device that shoots plastic balls into the air. You can see it here in the video below that she does enjoy it a bit. I also included a short video of Anisha pulling herself up to standing. Happy Easter all!

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