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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anisha Easter and possible first word?

So, Anisha did get an Easter Basket for Easter, thanks to Alison. Here is a picture of it and what was in it, as well as what she wore for Easter church service:
The basket wasn't hid really, just placed in front of her once filled. lol
On her way to Easter service at church.

Here is a video of all that was put in the basket:

And it seems that Anisha is trying to say her first word: Daxx. She likes to stick her tongue out when she talks lately, so it's always slurred speach. However, this morning, whilst playing with Daxx, she let the dog take back its tug-a-war rope and she turned to me when I asked what Daxx did. She responded with "Dath!" It was quite slurred, but she then turned and motioned to the dog and said "Dath!" again; a few times actually. I think that cute little Daxx may be her first word. I will try and catch it on video for you to see.

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Anonymous said...

what beautiful pictures of my little angel . she is sure growing but still looks a little sick god love her cant wait to see my angel. and daddy looks like he is doing great to with lots of good things coming his way we are so proud of you my son . keep up the good work. looking forward to spending some time with you all and especially my girl . love you all mom and dad xoxxo