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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weighing in on jobs, more pet peeves, and Earth Day

I know it's late, but I have had a busy day, so here are my updates:

Today's weigh in was good again. I dropped another pound: 354lbs. 3 more pounds to go until my movie!

I had a good interview with SRSD, the local public school division, today and they want to add me to their sub list. So, I now have a couple of weeks to get my stuff in order and find Childcare for Anisha.

Speaking of Childcare, it is very disappointing that the vast majority, save for a few, of the childcare facilities here in PA only accept 18-24 months and up.

On March 29, 2008, at 8pm, all around the world, millions of people are going to switch off all their lights for one earth hour. This is an event created and endorsed by the WWF and I think its a neat idea. It was started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and it was started to help make a statement about Global Warming. I'm not usually one to jump on this bandwagon, but after seeing Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, it made me think more about how important this Earth Hour 2008 really is. It is important to make a statement and care about the environment. Check out:
Finally, a couple more of my pet peeves:
- When people who work in an office, at a desk the vast majority of the time, and don't return your phone calls or emails. Also, they can't be reached whenever you call; it's like they are always away from their desk.
- People who don't have an answering service, like voice mail or an answering machine. Come on people, its 2008! You can get one for $15 at Wal-mart, or a similar store. The same holds true with kids I used to teach math to who claimed that they can't afford a calculator. I saw a scientific calculator that does trig and stats at Zellers for $10 the other day. That's all you need for school. Graphing calculators have to be provided by the schools themselves.
- Women, and some men, who put on WAY too much perfume/cologne, at the gym, especially before they work out. Hey, some of us have to breath as we exercise and we don't want your noxious fumes impeding that intake. God, you all stink to high heaven, it's distracting and it affects even my breathing and I'm not asthmatic. Hey, if anyone from California Fitness in Prince Albert is reading this blog entry, step up and tell your patrons to knock off the scents. That type of over scenting is banned in many fitness facilities, like the YMCA, and ALL hospitals for medical reasons.
There, now I feel better. lol. Have a great weekend everyone!


Matthew, Lindsey & Connor said...

I love your pet peeves... especially because I agree with all of them.
Is your gym one of those where you have people that go there to show themselves off.. like naturally thin people that strut rather than workout? I find it's usually those that marinate in their cologne... although I suppose i don't want to smell their B.O. either.
Good luck on the child care hunt, it sucks.

Trent, Alison and Anisha said...

There are the odd ones who are there for a beauty pageant, but there are more there, especially men, who walk around strutting their muscles, yell as they do weights and take up 2-3 machines at a time. The rest are the average joes. It's not as bad as some places.