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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sitting in the Dark about returning to University with Anisha's new shoes...

Yay creative titles!

So, Alison and I had a great Earth Hour Saturday night (Anisha had gone to bed by then). Did any of you turn your lights out for an hour? We sat in the dark with 4 candles, no TV on or anything and did some of our Marriage Class homework of sorts, talking about stuff. At 9pm, we then kept the lights off and the candles lit and watched Edmonton beat Calgary to stay in the playoff race for a little bit. GO OILERS!

As some of you may know I have a Bachelor of Secondary Education degree with a Drama Major and ESL Minor. And some of you may know I am very good at Math. But, I need math in my repitoire to teach it and I don't have many University Math courses. So, I have enrolled at Distance Education at Athabasca Unversity and I am beginning to take some Math Courses to "upgrade" my teaching degree. My first one is Intro Calculus that starts around the beginning of May. Now I have taken Calculus before, but I didn't get a very good mark in it, so I will take it again. I have also taken Linear Algebra and Statistics, both of which I did pretty good in, at least better than Calculus.

I also want to add one more pet peeve about the gym. I really find it annoying when some of these men (almost always men) like to take up 2-3 machines at a time when working out. I think you are done, so I go to use it and you freak out on me. ONE MACHINE AT A TIME!!! Let others work out too!

Finally, Here are some pics of Anisha wearing some of the gifts bought for her by Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Ashley and Auntie Lynn:

(The shoes are from Grandma and Grandpa for Easter... The winter jacket is from Auntie Lynn and Uncle Ashley from Xmas - which she can finally fit into, now that it's spring... lol)

I really like the runners... they are very shiny!


Anonymous said...

oh she looks so grown up nannies little girl . and the runners and clothes are beatiful . cant wait to see her . love nanny and poppy xoxox

Matthew & Lindsey said...

We turned off all our lights for the earth hour but we still had the TV on to watch a movie. We were just supposed to the lights right? We looked out our window during that time and saw all our neighbours seemed to have their lights out as well but it might just be that they were out on a Saturday night (unlike Lindsey & I who don't have a life).