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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weighing in...

So, now that my sickness has gone, my body decided that it should reset itself and not let me lose weight, but even gain some. Well only a pound. 356 lbs as of today.

I don't have much to rant about today. I recently was able to download the version of The Beatles tune "I wanna hold your hand" from the recent movie musical Across the Universe, that came out in late 2007. It is such an awesome take on the song. In the movie, the woman singing it is longing for the head cheerleader who doesn't feel the same way back to her. A great moment. I also really liked how American Idol did some Lennon/McCartney songbook tunes this last week. Carly Smithson and David Cook did the best with their spectacular renditions of Come Together and Elenor Rigby, respectively.

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