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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weighing in on my car, more sickness and stuff

So, we finally paid off the lease on our car and now, we officially own it! Yay! Of course, it's still banged up from a few weeks ago, but that's ok. I found out that to fix it, they will have to order a new hood and front grill, and to take off the grill, they have to remove the front bumper and replace it. Of course, the manufacturer or supplier of said new bumper is behind in his/her shipping due to the large number of idiots rolling their cars in this weather around PA and Saskatoon, so it looks like it won't get fixed for at least a month. But, the car still runs well and we've had no problems with it since the fender bender.

In other news, I thought I was getting better with this sickness, but it decided to attack me yet again! Now I can barely talk in the morning and at night. This is all due to my old nemesis, the sinus infection. My nasal drip takes the infection to my chest and throat. I gloriously inherited this recurring illness from my mother, whose constant sinus infections led to her developing Sjogren's syndrome. For those who don't know, it is a chronic disease in which white blood cells attack the moisture-producing glands. According to the info at, it mostly affects women, so I may be in the clear. Anyhoo, I am now on another bout of antibiotics that is stronger than the ones I took in January for the same problem.

The one plus for all this sickness and sore throat is that I finally dropped a bunch of weight because I haven't been eating much. I lost 5 pounds and now sit at a nice 358lbs. I only have two more pounds to go to see a movie! GO ME!!!

My parents are arriving tonight for a week and a half visit which is awesome because they haven't seen Anisha since Xmas and she has changed alot, plus, it will give Ali and I a break from Anisha as well since my mom wants nothing more than to care for her when she visits. Thats it for here. Have a great weekend all!


Matthew said...

Way to go Trent, good see you are making progress. Looks like you will definitely be able to see Batman.

Congrats on getting a part in the play as well.

MamaEarly said...

Actually, sinus issues do not lead to Sjogren's Syndrom. Sinus issues can be a symptom or a part of Sjogren's. Sjogren's is acquired through heredity or can be triggered by a virus. For more info, go to This is the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation. You can also to and join email lists with information regarding SS. Good luck!