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Friday, January 18, 2008

Sick Babies, Sick Days and Exercise

In response to Lindsey's blog rant about sickness, I think she has a point, to an extent. I used to work for the YMCA doing some office work and I remember getting in trouble for taking sick days and losing pay. Many jobs out there require a doctor's note to approve sick days and doctors charge for those notes. Not all jobs have good unions. Even teachers get the "riot act" read to them if they are sick for a certain period because it affects student learning if you are not there and a Sub is; Not all Substitute teachers are good. So taking sick days sometimes can't be done. Its not selfish, just necessary! There are definately some jobs where taking time off won't kill you and the world/job will survive without you. My dad's old job with the federal gov't was like that and it was good for him. But some jobs won't tolerate it and it can affect you financially or even end your employment.

Anisha is getting over a pretty good chest cold she got from Alison who got it from work. Anisha was feverish earlier in the week, but she is much better now. Still has a good chest cough and can be irritable at times, but she is doing better.

So, in satirical response, I agree about sickness at work not being allowed. How dare someone infect Alison and she comes home from her work at the hospital with a chest cold and give it to my baby. What kind of environment does she have to work in where sick people can infect her and then our family? Don't those people know it's a hospital where people should be getting better and other people work there that can get sick? How insensitive. And don't get me started on those people who take time off when they are not sick but their kids are. Talk about insensitive. lol

Anyways Lindsey, I'm just joking around and I hope Connor is better. To put a smile on your face, here is a cute picture of Anisha in her Treadmill-exersaucer at the gym babysitting program.

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