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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year and 8 Months

Well, now its 2008 and Anisha is 8 months old. Back to Mom's morning out (as the only dad there), Parenting class, and now a new class at the Library where we read books, sing and have fun. Anisha likes it alot. She thinks the books are extra tasty. lol.

Alison and I have started working out at the local gym, California Fitness. The cardio classes are killer, but fun. It wasn't our "resolution" to work out this year. We decided to join in December, but because we were away for Xmas, we didn't feel comfortable joining then not going for two weeks. lol. They have a babysitting room there which is included in membership and Anisha has been placed in their treadmill-style exersaucer everytime she goes and loves it. She gets a work out too!

Heres to a great 2008 everyone. Here are some recent pics:
Anisha is a big girl at 8 months old now!
Being silly and playing with Daddy's glasses.
She LOVES to steal them from my face!
Her being not so silly in her high chair.
Below is a video of Anisha eating Banana puree and chewing oddly.
I thought it was funny.

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