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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Weighing in on my reward movie, F1 and other things...

So, I now feel pretty much 100% better. Yesterday's workout went very well and I could do all of it with the usual amount of fatigue.

On Tuesday night, Alison and I went to see my reward movie: Vantage Point, with Matthew Fox, Dennis Quaid and Forrest Whitaker. It was quite good despite the reviews and I never once found it confusing. Nice twists, great action scenes, and good intensity. 8/10. I wanted to watch "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" that I gave Alison for her B-day in Feb, but she said that I shouldn't waste my reward movie on staying home. Maybe my next one will be the movie I gave her then.

After quite a short visit, my parents headed back home on Wednesday. My mom's Sjogrens Syndrome complications caused her to quickly catch the flu/cold symptoms Ali, Anisha and I had and she got quite sick and went back to Sherwood Park to be closer to her family doctor in case the sickness gets worse. We loved having her and my father here, but we wish they could have stayed longer.

So, I weighed myself today and I have stayed the same since Monday, 355lbs.

As per tradition, the Webster family, Alison's family, have begun their F1 racing pics for the new season which starts next weekend. My team for this year is Force India for the constructor, my pick from last year Nick Heildfeld, and my new pick is his team mate Robert Kubica. I will still secretly cheer for Lewis Hamilton because he rocks! To be honest, I don't know alot about F1 racing, other than I think its pretty neat. Sorry all, but NASCAR bites the big one, and nothing you can say can change that. NASCAR is sooooooo boring and the crashes are weak.

Have a good rest of the week everyone. Anisha, the now 10 month and 18lbs 10 oz, standing in her crib eating machine, says hello!

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