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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weighing in on things...

So, it has been made official that poor Heath Ledger accidentally overdosed on a mixture of perscription medications. I can see that happening; many medications were not made to go together. What confuses me a bit is what he took. If you get a chance, look up all the drugs he was taking... No wonder he overdosed! Still, it's sad.

So, I am now up to Job in my bible readings. One of my favorite books so far has been Esther. She was married to King Xerxes, the same one depicted in the most kick ass movie of 2006, 300. It was nice to learn of the connection. And, it was a good bible story. Told the tale of how Purim was started. And this afternoon, I was out picking up some tickets to a local play when I dropped by a local book store and perused the shelves. I am surprised by the number of Pro-Athiest Books out there. I am all for free speech and think the athiests can raise some good points, but the sheer number of books surprised me. But, to quote Lewis Black, "Athiests are too lazy to believe in anything!" lol.

On another note, the new weight. I was worried this week about the weigh in due to Alison's B-day on Saturday where we didn't try and "be good", but it didn't matter since the service at the restaurant sucked ass and we didn't eat much there. Also, there was the Superbowl on Sunday, but I wasn't that bad. My only splurge was the nachos and cheese in the last quarter.
By the way, if I may sidetrack for a bit, I don't know what the big deal is with the Superbowl. It was my first time watching it (because I have the channel that shows the fancy commercials and not the pre-emted canadiana crap) and I must say, it was quite boring (except for the commercials and Tom Petty) and not entertaining until the last quarter.

Now, onto the weight. I didn't drop much, only a pound. Mostly due to the weekend which could have raised the weight, but I really pushed the exercise this week, so I may be developing some muscle mass which weighs more than fat. The long term goal is what I am after. So, I am now at 363 lbs.

And finally, speaking of weight, Anisha is now 9 months old and weighs 18lbs 1.5 oz as of Tuesday and is getting her second tooth! Lots of fun here. So, that's it for me. Have a great week all and enjoy these recent shots of Anisha, some from the Melfort Pool.

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mika26 said...

hi there that was good for weight this week seeing there was a few things went on . and those pictures of anisha are just beautuful oh she has sure grown cant wait to see her . my little girl is sure growing wait until i gets there and gets my hands on her she will be all mine . nannies angel i have the pretties grand daughter in the world . xoxxo from nannie