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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lent, Valentine's Day, and other Rants

So, I have 3 "rants" for today:

1. Not much of a rant, but just to inform all of my lenten sacrifice for the season of Lent. I will be giving up cheese and Alison will be giving up soup. I am sure this will greatly help in the weight loss areas.

2. I have been noticing a lot of women's only programs around: Women's 10K cross country ski, Womens retreats, Womens only run, etc. There are barely any guys stuff. To quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy, That really grinds my gears! Not only am I disappointed by the lack of guy stuff, I am frustrated with this women's only kick! Is it because men are too busy with their own stuff to organize an event for us as men? Maybe. Is it because most men work and their wives stay home with the kids? Generally speaking, myself one of the exceptions...
I tell ya, if guys organized an event that "could" include women, but we made it men only, there would be hell to pay. "Why can't a woman come to a guys run, or a men's marriage talk."
There are tons of women's only clubs and what not. Why aren't there men only clubs where women aren't allowed? And no, strip clubs are not included because I have some old university girl friends who have been to a men's strip club too. Its a form of reverse sexism. I know many women can do pretty well everything a man can do, so why can't men be included in some of the events women have?
Is it because we men are too competitive for the ladies? I have heard it is because many women don't want men gawking at them. Whatever, like women don't check guys out. But if it's something like a run or marathon, why can't we participate if we are able to do the same type of event?
Other than the obvious biological differences (Men can't give birth and nurse a baby, Women are physically weaker than men), there isn't much that each sex can't do in comparison to the other. And before you get in a tizz about the weaker sex comment before, take your head out of your rear and realize that the average man has more muscle and weight than a woman and is considered physically stronger. Although Alison could leg wrestle me and win hands down, I am stronger upper body wise.
So, I would like to see more men included in some of these events, and yes, I realize some events don't pertain to men (I hardly think any man would attend a women's seminar on Menopause or Post Pardom, but many women want to attend a men's marriage seminar to "make sure" men learn the "right stuff"). So with some obvious exclusions, stop the gender separation. Seriously, its dumb.

3. Now for my final rant, Valentines day. This is probably the DUMBEST excuse for a celebration EVER. No, Love is great. Alison and I love each other endlessly and tell each other, and tell Anisha too, daily how much we love each other.
But the absolute insane expectations on people, especially men, leading up to this day is sickening. You need the perfect gift, and/or flowers, and/or chocolates, and/or dinner, etc, ad nausium. Prices for Roses skyrocket for Valentines day. I sent Alison a dozen roses in a vase for her B-day last week and paid $25 including delivery. I was told a Valentines day bouquet would have to be booked by Feb 10 and would cost at least $60, as much as $120. That is terrible.
AND, Have you seen the crap out for this day? I admit I think the Stuffed Love Monkey/Gorilla is cute, but there is so much stuff out there that adds more pressure to make the day perfect.
And DINNER??!! Don't get me started. I remember a buddy of mine telling me he called the day after Xmas to book a Valentines Day dinner at a nice restaurant that wasn't the most expensive in Edmonton and it still cost him $150 for the evening. You are now looking at an almost $250 day.
AND IT'S ONLY ONE DAY!!! And if something goes wrong, its a DISASTER, isn't it you suckers/sheep to the marketing...

All this to make a special day to show someone you love them.

"What happens when Anisha gets older and goes to school and they celebrate the day at school?"
She can make the decision to celebrate too. She can even give Alison and I gifts if she desires. I won't be giving any to her. There's her B-day and Xmas to do that. Think of it like a Jew and a Christian in December: I hardly think the other will be upset if one gives the other a gift in celebration of Channukah or Christmas. I always used to get presents from Muslims on Eid-el-Fatir. I'm not Muslim, nor did I give a gift back, other than a thank you.

"But Trent, if you love someone, shouldn't you show them that on Valentines Day? What's wrong with showing love?"
Nothing. But if you cannot tell your significant other/spouse that you love them EVERY day, then something is wrong.

I don't need one day of the year to tell Alison I love her. I tell her every day.
I don't need one day to tell Anisha I love her. I tell her every day.

I love my wife, my kid, my parents and all my in laws, and even my dog. And yes, Alison doesn't celebrate Valentines day either.

So, don't expect me to celebrate on Feb 14th. I celebrate everyday for the gifts I am given with my family.

There, my ranting is done. Now I feel better. lol.
See you all tomorrow for an update on my weight loss.


Matthew & Lindsey said...

I agree. Valentine's Day is dumb. It's just a gimick to get people's money - oh, and to make single people feel bad and pressured for not being with someone.
On that note, I can't stand it when people call it "ValenTIMES day." Get it right!

Trent, Alison and Anisha said...

Ha Ha Ha, I've never heard it called ValenTIMEs day. Hehehe. That is so stupid.