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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weighing in on sickness and accidents

So, you'd think with all the sickness going around, that I also caught, that I'd lose weight. Well, I did, but only a little. I am now down to 362 lbs. I didn't eat much, but I was also not very active. I'll have to pick up the pace now cause I REALLY want to see a movie. PLUS, as a secret shopper for Cineplex, I just got my new shop that I have to use before the end of March; Easter actually.

On another note, we had to take Anisha to the walk-in clinic last night. She had been lathargic all day yesterday, groaning and crying alot, and holding a fever. When Alison got home yesterday, it hit 40.3 so off we went. The doctor said not to worry too much. He told us to keep giving her children's tylenol every 4 or 5 hours or so, even if there isn't a fever and making sure she gets lots of rest and fluids, because the worry he has is possible ear infection. He also told us no more swimming lessons for the rest of the week (Booo!). She had no congestion, signs of Meningitis or signs of pnemonia, so it's all good.

As of this morning, Anisha looks tired and groggy, but is WAY more active than yesterday. She's smiling, crawling and having fun, just looks a little run down and tired.

Plus, last friday, Anisha and I were involved in our first car accident in Prince Albert. While waiting to leave the Safeway parking lot, I was stopped behind a Jeep waiting to turn onto the main road. A Semi, delivering stuff to the mall, turned from the main road onto our exit and turned quite shallow. The Jeep driver thought he would be hit, so he backed up quickly and I couldn't avoid him. No serious damage or injury, just a small jolt. The hood of our car is smooshed in along with a bit of our grill. Now we have SGI looking at it. Still drivable, but looking a little smooshed at the front.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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