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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Fall Fall

I attended the Saskatoon and Edmonton Fan Expos this September. At the Saskatoon Expo, my friend was security for Billy Boyd, Pippin from Lord of the Rings. I got to say hello and get some pictures taken. Very nice man!

Finally returning to normal with my family, I released book 4 in my Galactic Odyssey Series. There was some local news on me. Pretty cool.

My other new book release was recently: The Week the Tooth Fairy got sick. I hired a local artist to do the illustrations and I released it at the end of October. I am very excited about this as my first sales of the book start Nov 7 & 8th.

Halloween time again. For the school Halloween party, Ali dressed in my old Venturers uniform, Samantha was a unicorn, and Anisha a cat. Much fun had by all. I had a rehearsal that night so I couldn't go.

Then Halloween night, the girls got a good haul of candy. Samantha ended the night sick and throwing up, so she stayed home Nov 1 to recover. Sucks to be the sick kid on Halloween.

School picture time again! Now we have one for Samantha as well because she's in Kindergarten. Anisha is doing great in Grade 3!

A few theatre adventures for our family.

  • My show that I'm directing, Murderous Crossing, an interactive murder mystery, opens Nov 26-28 at the local Travelodge.
  • Anisha is back in Broadway North and this year the play is Shrek Jr. It runs Dec 4-12.
  • Samantha is back on stage in 2016 when she plays a Woodland Creature in Rivier Academy's production of Alice in Wonderland. This will be her first show where I am not involved (we did Anne of Green Gables together in the spring). She's excited, and understandably a little nervous.
Alison has gone back to work at Physio with the local health region after a couple of years working on the Kaizan Project. She leads two Guiding groups this year: Anisha's Brownies and Samantha's Sparks. On top of coaching the Bunnies Ringette on Sundays, she is a busy lady.

As mentioned, Anisha and Samantha are doing some theatre, guiding, and Ringette. Not as busy as other families, but still busy.

Keiko, our newest puppy, is almost a year old, growing big, and being a bit of a goof. She's almost 50lbs, but very lovable to the girls, when they leave her alone. Daxx is 11 and starting to show some signs of older age as she tries to keep up with Keiko, but then her joints ache soon after.

Always a busy time in our house. Happy November all. We'll chat again in December!

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