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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Birthday! 8 years of Anisha!

A double bit of news on our girls as of late.
1st: Samantha - we've been looking for a big girl bed for her since she turned 5 in January. We finally got around to it & here it is:
It comes with a hide-away space.

I've been able to read my kids books at some daycare & preschools in the city with more elementary schools coming in a few weeks. Here are my pics from L'Ecole Des Petits.

Anisha turned 8 on May 2 so she had a sleepover the night before. Only 2 kids, but that was tiring enough.

Here is her cake:

Her piñata:

Blindfold-less piñata, still was enough of a challenge.

Cake time!  
(Notice it's a Frozen/Monster High/Butterfly theme)

Happy Birthday Anisha

Her surprise gift was a fish.

Now we're all tired.

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