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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hospital stay

So, on Saturday, August 2, Anisha got a fever. It persisted for a few days and then on Tuesday, it still hadn't broke.
She was sleeping all morning so I finally took her to the doctor. He couldn't pinpoint what was wrong so he called the pediatric doc on call & she told us to admit her.
She was ok at first, until she was given the IV:
Samantha came to help & tried to feed her a popsicle, but it wasn't that successful.
Turns out she had a nasty UTI in her bladder. She fought that fever for a couple of days. Coincidently, the day Uncle Ashley sent gift basket, I think her fever broke:
Now she's all smiles:
She's also eating more and more active, but crashes quickly around 7pm:

She's still spiking a fever once a day so they're having to redo the IV today. She's not happy about that. If she continues to spike, they'll have to do a CT scan tomorrow. Methinks she'll be in until Tuesday at least.

In other news, my 3rd book cover is done and will be released on the Facebook page tomorrow.

Here it is now for you blog followers:

Book 3 is about half edited, and I am 5 chapters into book 4: What happened when Max came.

Have a great week all! I'll keep you informed on Anisha.

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