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Friday, May 9, 2008

Weighing in on Subbing

Sorry I am late on this one. I have been subbing on Thursday and Friday with the local Public School board. Yesterday I was all over one school covering for the assistant Principal. Today I was at another school with Grade 7 & 8s, and I was supposed to see Cats at the local theatre in the afternoon with the kids, but they kept me at the school in a Grade 1 class, which I didn't much enjoy. lol.

No change in weight this last week. I am still 347 lbs. I haven't worked out a lot and have been busy getting over the show. Plus Mom's morning out had a party as did my cast for the show, so that didn't help. But now that I am teaching, I don't have time to snack, but I also don't have time to work out alot, so I will see what I can do to remedy it all. No big news here other than me starting subbing.

Anisha is good and feeling better. Alison is good too. We are looking after my parents' dogs while my folks head off across Canada for a month. Have a great weekend all!

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